Hair Replacement Systems Toronto Give Hope To Alopecia Sufferers

Hair Replacement Systems studios in Toronto

Hair loss is the most common name that alopecia is known by. It is a condition that may affect people from all walks of life. Men may be more susceptible to alopecia, especially past the age of forty, but there are also women and children who suffer from varying degrees of hair loss.

Alopecia Areata is a condition that causes localized patches of hair loss, with complete hair loss in affected areas, so that it appears that no hair is left. In truth, the hair just lies dormant under the skin of the scalp. Areata Totalis is complete loss of head hair which is similar to Alopecia Areata with the only difference being it affects the entire scalp. These conditions are sometimes reversible when promptly treated by professionals. The Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation has information on medical professionals who can help stop hair loss.

Other culprits for hair loss are male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. These usually start at the age of 30 and become very visible by age 40. In women, complete hair loss seldom happens – it is usually characterized by general thinning of hair. Both conditions are, however, caused by genetics and there is little one can do to stop it.

While hair used to protect us from the elements before we developed clothing, there remains no known physical need for hair on our heads, with the possible exception of aesthetics. We just almost naturally expect to see a full head of hair on people’s heads. As a consequence the onset of alopecia in any of its many forms can be devastating. When treatment fails, people end up with thinly covered or completely bare scalps. But not everyone wants to be a skinhead.

For people faced with permanent baldness, Hair Replacement Systems Toronto gives viable options for regaining scalp cover. People with significant patches of healthy hair, and healthy pockets, usually opt for surgical hair transplant procedures which are permanent. The procedure, though classified as a hair replacement procedure, is really more of a hair redistribution method than anything else. No hair is added to the scalp, only taken from a dense place to areas with sparse cover. Hair Replacement Systems studios in Toronto have fully trained staff to undertake surgical hair transplants.

Hair Systems Toronto also offers non-surgical methods of hair replacement. Whatever the terms used to describe the various non-surgical systems may be, these are all hair pieces. The main differences with the new hair pieces are that they are more comfortable, the look so realistic they are almost undetectable, and their prices are less than surgical procedures. But these hair pieces would still require usually monthly maintenance and replacement periodically; some last for a year, others can last from 3 to 7 years.

Hair Systems in Toronto Canada has everything needed to allow men to regain a healthy and natural looking cover for the bare portions of their scalps. All that is needed to start the ball rolling is to consult with the right hair restoration professional.

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