Trends Gaining Popularity in App Development Circles

There are few industries that change as fast as the app development industry. Every day, we wake up to new apps. Some of these days, the apps we wake up to change our lives forever. The people behind the scenes in the industry have also learnt to shift their approach to app development with a focus on creating the most user-friendly software that has everything needed to bring in profits.

Services like Entrance Custom app development services are designed through a rigorous app development process so that they can make available to the end user the best apps in terms of ease of use and usefulness. But Entrance Consulting is not the only company following the trends in the marketplace. Other companies and market watchers believe the following trends are the ones to watch now and into the foreseeable future.

Apps that are focused on the user

Sometimes developers get caught up in creating something outstanding that they forget to create apps that impress the user. However beautifully designed an app is, if the end user finds it hard to use, the app is not good enough. In fact, some of the highest rated apps are also the simplest in design.

Excellent developers create applications with the average user in mind. They always try to answer the questions that someone who is not very tech savvy might be asking when using their apps. The navigation within the app, for instance, should be intuitive and easy to figure out for the average user. Today, it is becoming increasingly uncommon to find apps that are not user focused. This trend is expected to continue into the distant future.

The death of standalone applications

While there are still standalone applications in use today, their death is coming soon. Today’s user has become increasingly accustomed to using apps that are integrated across platforms. The ability to, say, start shopping on your PC and complete the transactions on your smartphone, brings convenience and improves user experience.

Users will reward business applications with seamless integration. For this reason, it will make little sense to create standalone applications in coming years. We predict that by the end of the next decade, standalone applications will not exist.

The death of flash

Users and developers alike have been looking forward to the death of flash. Google announced a while back that it was discontinuing the use of flash on Google Chrome. Adobe has itself come out saying it is planning to discontinue Adobe Flash. That said, there are still some users who love using flash because it makes animation look quite spectacular.
But there is now consensus that there are better technologies today that can effectively replace flash. For instance, the JavaScript is not only able to deliver just as good results as flash, it is also extremely efficient. In addition, developers prefer it to flash because when combined with HTML and Scalable Vector Graphics, it makes the development process easier.

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